About me
Starting off at the age of 14, in a time before internet and multi media, I was part of the world-wide pioneer work and lead-in to the now natural and everyday use of electronic communication and visuals. The tools then were hardware like the now legendary Commodore 64, later the Commodore Amiga. As a result, my efforts and concepts led to creating graphics for the so-called demos (Tech-Demoszene) and later for computer games.

The logical evolution was then the creation of website and multi media content. Adding the skills of creating logos, corporate design and print material, I work as a graphic artist for selected clients under my label Stegmueller Grafik.

Siegfried Stegmueller       

Discovering my talent for photography, I then added the skill of digital retouching and photo montage. Please feel free to visit my photography and art website to see my work: Bridgemiller.com

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